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May Is Preservation Month

Although we are a few days into June, we would like to recognize that the month of May is National Preservation Month, a time to spotlight preservation and history across the country. At eos, every month is preservation month. In celebration this year, a few of our team members have selected a regional site that we each would love to see revitalized for contemporary use.

1. Butler Revolutionary War-era Cabin (Katie) - This cabin has been maintained by local scouts as a camp since the 1920s, however repeated flooding now threatens its future. Restoration of this site would provide a unique and interesting opportunity for children to experience for generations to come

2. East Pittsburgh Westinghouse Office (Zach) - I would love to see the windows of this beautiful building daylighted and the space reimagined for contemporary use. For an office building, this structure offers unique detailing, form and history that many offices lack today.

3. Larimer Ave Church (Bri) - This church has over 120 years of congregational history, and I would love to see it find a new purpose while maintaining its historic details and features. I especially love its rounded front which is atypical for a lot of church design.

4. Butler Street Mixed-use Building (Nick) - While the dormer appears to not be original, the upper floors of this building look to be in pretty good shape (except for some repointing). The first floor storefront appears to be in original condition and I would love to see it cleaned up and restored for Lawrenceville’s next business.

5. Oakland Residence (Lisa) - Unfortunately this house was torn down a few years ago, but this house had some really unusual brickwork and a great facade that I would have loved to see restored along with the front porch.

6. St. Bonaventure Church (Corinn) - The intricate detail work of the stained glass and painted ceilings make this church an exceptional building. I’d love to see this church restored to its original condition so that its beauty can be seen by many. (Photo credit: Chandra Lampreich, Hidden City)

Have a historic building in mind that needs some love? Reach out and let’s see how we can help!

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