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Helping to make the homes, neighborhoods and businesses of Pittsburgh  

Architects + Designers


Lisa Whitney, Founder and President of Eos Studio Arc.  ESA is a small architectual firm located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Specifically focused on safety, beauty and funcionality, her firm is dedicated to economically working with local families and neighborhood businesses and organizations.
Meet Lisa

Lisa Whitney is the Founder and Principal of eos studio arc, a small architectural firm located in the Pittsburgh area. Specifically focused on safety, beauty and functionality, her firm is dedicated to economically working with residential, neighborhood and local business clients.  

With a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from The University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Architecture from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Lisa has developed a passion for historic buildings and the science of preserving them. She is a registered architect with over 20 years of experience in the practice of architecture. Lisa’s prior experience includes design and management of residential, institutional, retail, healthcare, workplace, and historic preservation projects.  In addition to her work with eos Studio, Lisa is very involved in the Swissvale business community, including active membership on the Enterprise Zone Corporation of Braddock (EZCB), Swissvale Economic Development Committee (SEDCO), the Rotary Club of Swissvale, and the Swissvale Planning Committee.  Lisa is also an adjunct faculty member of the Interior Architecture Department of Chatham University.


"As we work with a client through the life of a project, we are always invested in its success.  Our involvement will help to increase the value, beauty and function of a home or business. Above all else we work with integrity and take a personal interest in exceeding your expectations. We love the Pittsburgh area. Like you, we work, live, and play here. We promise to go out of our way to make this a better place to be."  ~ Lisa

Lighting Choices 

We focus on developing a balanced lighting scheme using natural and artificial light. An open floor plan works well with windows on multiple exterior walls.
1816 Fox Way finals_9.JPG
"The hearth is the psychological center of the home." - Frank Lloyd Wright
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On the back of a napkin...
Some of our best projects have, in fact, started as a sketch on a napkin.  They were usually the result of a spontaneous collaboration between us and a potential (turned actual) client. If there is something you want to do with your home or doesn't hurt to talk to us.  Napkin sketches over coffee are free.  :)
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